Derby Train Station Information

Derby Train Station Information

Derby Train Station InformationIn this article I am looking into the past by delving in to the background and seeing what Derby train station information I can uncover. Derby train station is owned by Network Rail and the station is managed by East Midlands Trains. The Derby Train Station is actually called Derby Midland Station, presumably for the fact that the station is located in Derbyshire (smack bang in the middle of England!) But in reality, most locals (and non locals!) call the building Derby Train Station and that is what I will refer to it as in the rest of the article.

What is the history of Derby Train Station?

Derby used to be known as a railway town, and with the station placed in the centre of town, it became an important part of the rail network when it was opened in 1844. At that time it was also one of the largest stations in the country. After the amalgamation of three main railways, Derby station became the headquarters of the new Midland Railway. Over the years, more rails were added to the station, as well as the workshop that repaired locomotives, and some of the innovations that came from it all was the steel rail trial developed by Robert Forester Mushet in 1857. 1858 saw the addition of more offices, better facilities and even covered areas for passengers waiting for and/or leaving the station by train.

What is the history with the Derby Train Station name?

Another interesting bit of Derby train station information, was that it was officially named Derby Midland Station in September 1950. Where the station may not have changed much over time, extensive rebuilding was ordered for the inner buildings like the footbridge, awnings and platform buildings. In 1962 it was decided that the station needed to be modernized, and a plan (that cost about two hundred thousand pounds) was laid on the table. When the signal boxes were redesigned, employees mentioned that it resembled a “cupboard under the stairs”. By 1968, even though the station kept its full name on its main sign at the station, it was being called Derby on its timetables and the platforms, and even today, the stations full name is sometimes used on the electronic departures board. 1969 saw the age of power signalling, where signals, track circuits and other low level crossing equipment are actually powered by a really low voltage power supply. This meant that the signal boxes and their crossovers vanished, that left only rails where trains could go in either direction. The station also lost its Victorian Entrance. it was redesigned and replaced with something a little more modern, the coat of arms was moved from moved to the front, and the station clock was moved to car park at the North end.

Below is a typical video of Derby Train Station functioning how it did back in previous years:


Who owns the railway station now?

When British Rail became privatized, Railtrack took over the reigns at Derby station, followed by Network Rail, who have owned the station ever since. midland Mainline still continued to manage the station, fixing and adding to the station as time went by. 2005 was probably the most exciting year when looking at Derby train station information. Engineers found that the canopy of the footbridge, that was built in 1950, showed significant stresses on the concrete, and it was decided that new canopies were in order, this was completed in October 2009.


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    Very confusing. The text is about Derby Midland – but the video is of the Great Northern Line into Friargate Station. The two didn’t connect.

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