Derby Train Station Timetable

Derby Train Station Timetable

Derby Train StationWithout spending the entire article talking about platforms and times, I thought it would be good to take a look at the Derby train station timetable, and see where you could go, if you felt like taking a short trip around the UK.

Which trains run from Derby Station?

Naturally, more than one carrier works from any station, so a lot of the destinations are covered by carriers like National Rail, East Midlands Trains, and Northern Rail.

What destinations can I visit from Derby Train Station?

Starting with East Midlands, from Derby, you can travel down to London, stopping at St Pancreas. Stops along the way include Long Elton, East Midlands Parkway, Loughborough, Leicester, Market Harborough, Kettering, Wellingborough (a lot of “boroughs” isn’t it?), Bedford, Luton, and the Parkway at Luton Airport. Talk about convenience, right? You could also stop at East Midlands Parkway, if you like and travel from there to Beeston or stopping over at Nottingham.

Not bad, I’d say, but that seems like there aren’t too many areas you could go to from Derby Station. What about the Crew to Derby Line? I guess you could take the line in reverse and travel from Derby Station? There are loads of stops along the way to Crewe as well (and a lot less “boroughs”). I mean, you could visit any number of places like Peartree; you could split off to Burton upon Trent, or carry on with the line if you want to, and there are still many destinations available from the station. For example, travelling to Uttoxeter maybe? The line branches off a few times to Stafford, Sandbach, Keele, finishing off at Crewe. If you can’t travel the line in reverse, I guess you have a few other options coming home to Derby, including Chatterley (will resist the urge to say it…) East Midlands also has trains going from Leicester to Chesterfield on their Midland main line.

Where do National Rail go to from Derby Station?

Ok, enough diverting, and back we go to the routes used in the Derby train station timetable. National Rail has routes leading from areas like Birmingham to Sheffield, using the cross country route. There are so many stops in this route, and it passes right through Derby. Other Cross country routes are Willington to Spondon on the Cardiff – Nottingham lines, and from Burton upon Trent to Chesterfield. These cross country routes would be perfect for planning holidays, especially if you have always dreamed of visiting more than one place in a holiday.

Where will Northern Rail take me?

Northern Rail is the other carrier that’ part of the Derby train station timetable, and they have trains headed from Nottingham to Chesterfield (last I heard there was only one departure from Nottingham to Sheffield in an evening though). A few good things to remember, remember to always check before buying or booking a ticket. There are information centres, and travel line agencies around the station to help you plan our trip in an efficient and cost effective manner, and as always, plan well in advance (as much as the station would allow methinks).

This cool video gives you an informative feel of Derby Train Station itself, but also the type of trains you will be exploring the local Derbyshire and UK surroundings in:


Derby Train Station Timetable, final thoughts?

So as you can see from the above, Derby Train Station is located perfectly close to the city centre of Derby. Literally within a few minutes walk/journey to the Train Station, you could reach a variety of places in the UK, at very useful times and at affordable ticket fares! With that in mind… What are you waiting for!? Your train awaits!


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